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Articles, News and Insight into the Accounting Profession

CPA Ontario and CPA Canada have published a number of articles providing guidance on a wide range of topics, from cybersecurity to fraud to wealth management.

Articles Directory


Stay up-to-date on matters of assurance


The issues of cybersecurity and privacy have sweeping implications.


Ethics and ethical behaviour are the foundation of the trusted work of accountancy.

Engagement Risk

Understanding engagement risk is critical to public practice.


Understand issues relating to charging and collecting fees as an accounting professional.

File Retention

Successful management and retention of files is key to a successful practice.


Accounting and finance professionals encounter fraud on a regular basis.


Independence is a cornerstone of assurance engagements.

Public Accounting Licences

Understand issues relating to fulfilling the public accounting licence requirements in Ontario

Succession Planning

Planning well in advance of potential problems in your practice is crucial. Here are some things you need to know.


Stay up-to-date on matters of taxation. Check here for current information.

Other Articles

Public Accounting, Wealth Management and Election Guidance.