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Information for Professional Corporations Selected for Inspections

A professional corporation (PC) is selected for inspection to determine whether any public accounting activities are being conducted directly through the PC, or whether the PC is used only to hold a member’s interest in another public accounting practice which is otherwise subject to practice inspection.

If no public accounting activities are being conducted directly through the PC, and the PC is used solely to hold your interest in another public accounting practice, complete and submit the “Declaration for Exemption – Professional Corporations” form which may be accessed online by using the link provided in our recent letter advising of your selection for practice inspection. For further information regarding exemption from practice inspection, visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page of our website. Information with respect to exemption is also included in our General Information page, under “Objective and Scope of Practice Inspection”.

If, however, you are conducting any public accounting services directly through the PC, including the issuance of audit or review engagement reports, or communications with respect to compilation engagements, complete the appropriate Planning Questionnaire, available through the web link provided in our letter.

Should you be uncertain as to whether the PC is exempt from inspection, please address any further queries to, using the subject line “Questions re: exemption from inspection – professional corporation – PI#XXXXXXX” (be sure to include your PI number) and a member of our staff will contact you.