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Important Note: The forms below should be completed only with respect to a 2019-2020 practice inspection reinspection of an office with assurance engagements. The inspection number will begin with R19 followed by four digits.

Please refer to your communication to determine whether your reinspection will be conducted as a Visit or Desk reinspection.

For all reinspections, complete these before the reinspection occurs:

  • Quality Control Reinspection Questionnaire
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) logs for each assurance practitioner/partner for the two-year period from January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2018.  For verifiable CPD activities, provide the date, course name, the name of the course provider or sponsoring organization and the number of hours attended.

For Visit reinspections, please prepare in addition to the above:

  • A listing of your office’s clients. The inspector(s) may request this listing in advance of the inspection to facilitate the initial selection of files. The listing should be segregated by engagement partner (in offices other than sole practitioners), and for each partner, collectively group engagements by audit, review and compilation. Further, for assurance engagements (i.e. audits and reviews) identify on the listing:
    • Type of industry and year-end date.
    • Type of accounting framework applied if NOT private enterprise (ASPE – CPA Canada Handbook - Accounting, Part II) or not-for-profit (ASNFPO – CPA Canada Handbook - Accounting, Part III)
    • Engagements that have been subject to an engagement quality control review, were obtained through tender or have outstanding fees.
    • Engagements considered by your office as higher risk based on the nature, risks or unusual circumstances associated with the engagement, including those with complex accounting issues, going concern considerations, emerging industries (e.g. cryptocurrency, blockchain, cannabis), etc.
    • If available, the approximate engagement fee and/or chargeable hours for each engagement.

Forms to be completed after the reinspection has occurred:

  • Action Plan: Template for use when responding to any reportable deficiencies raised in your practice inspection report.  If no reportable deficiencies have been raised, this form should not be completed.
  • Survey of Offices Inspected: Offices should use this form to provide feedback on the inspection process and Advisory Services offered by CPA Ontario.  We encourage offices to complete this Survey; constructive feedback is important in helping us consider where improvements might be made to these programs.

Once completed, please submit the Action Plan and Survey as attachments (preferably as separate documents, in a single email or separate emails) to