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Ontario CPA-Accredited Path

Academic Prerequisites

The CPA profession partners with select post-secondary institutions (PSIs) to develop programs that provide exemptions from some or all of the modules in the CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP), depending on the level of accreditation received. There are no exemptions to the Common Final Exam (CFE) or practical experience requirements.

CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP)

Some Ontario post-secondary institutions offer CPA-Accredited Programs that deliver part of the CPA PEP through a combination of undergraduate and graduate courses. Students on this path must complete any CPA PEP modules not completed through their Accredited Program, in addition to the Common Final Examination and practical experience requirements.

Entering the CPA PEP

If you are a student in a CPA-Accredited Program, do not proceed with the steps outlined in Get Started. Your transcript assessment, student registration and enrolment into CPA PEP and/or the CFE will be facilitated through your program's faculty. You will be required to submit your official transcripts upon completion of the graduate component of the program. Please contact your CPA-Accredited Program faculty for more information.

Common Final Examination (CFE)

The CFE is the culmination of the CPA PEP and consists of a three-day examination. Students must demonstrate depth in either Financial Reporting or Management Accounting, and depth in one of the other technical competency areas (elective depth role). Students must also demonstrate breadth in all six technical competency areas. Refer to the CPA Competency Map for more information.

CPA Ontario Practical Experience Requirements

To complete the CPA-Accredited Path, students must complete 30 months of relevant practical experience through a Pre-Approved Program (PPR) and/or the Experience Verification Route (EVR).

Accredited Universities

Visit CPA Canada for a downloadable list of PSIs accredited by the CPA profession.


Refer to FAQs or contact CPA Ontario's CPA-Accredited program team at


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