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Academic Prerequisites

Academic Prerequisites

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Paths to the CPA Designation

There are several paths to the CPA designation. Each pathway has unique prerequisites and certification requirements, as outlined below:

CPA Path
The most common path to achieve the CPA designation.
  • 120 credit-hour degree or equivalent.
  • Completion of specific Subject Area Coverage.
    Grade Requirements:
  • Minimum 60% in each core course.
  • Minimum 50% in each non-core course.
  • Minimum 65% GPA in core prerequisite requirements.
  • Currency of education limits apply.
CPA Accredited Path
A path for students in Ontario CPA-Accredited Programs which allows for some exemptions from the CPA PEP.
  • Must complete a CPA-Accredited Program at a post-secondary institution. See Schedule A of Regulation 9-1 for details.
  • Determination of successful completion of CPA-Accredited Program requirements are facilitated directly with the post-secondary institution’s program offices.