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CPA Reciprocity Professional Development (CARPD)

CPA Reciprocity Professional Development

Members who have been admitted to membership in CPA Ontario pursuant to a mutual recognition agreement or reciprocal membership as set out in Regulation 7-1, are required to complete the CPA Reciprocity Professional Development (CPARPD) course within two years of their admission to membership. Failure to complete the course within the two-year time frame will result in membership revocation. Certain exemptions from the CARPD are provided for in section 12.1.2 of Regulation 7-1.

The CARPD course consists of approximately 20 hours of online study in Canadian tax, law, and ethics, in a modular form. Members will have to obtain a grade of 100% percent on the quiz at the end of each module to be able to progress to the next module.

The total fee for the CPARPD course is $1,011.35 ($895.00 plus HST).

How to Register for the CPARPD Course

  1. Log in to My Portal.
  2. Under the Obligations and Requests section, select the CPA Reciprocity Professional Development tile.
  3. Select the “Accept Invitation, Yes, I am attending this event” tile and click RSVP.
  4. Confirm your personal information and click continue.
  5. Review and complete acknowledgments.
  6. Enter payment information and submit; a payment confirmation will be emailed to you.
  7. You will be emailed online login instructions for the CPARPD course. This email will contain information on how to access the course on the CPA Canada Brightspace (D2L) platform.