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Is mentoring for you?

Is mentoring for you?

Simply put, a mentor is a trusted councilor or guide. Mentoring is an inspiring relationship where the mentee can learn from their mentor and develop the skills to reach their full potential.

It can be formal or informal, but it's a shared journey. Often, mentees will go on to become mentors themselves, so it can be an equally rewarding relationship for both.

What to look for in a mentor

Someone who listens. They should ask questions that make you think, or help you see things in a new way. Their job isn't necessarily to tell you what to do, but rather empower you to take charge of your life, your way. It may not always be easy to take their advice; they may challenge your mindset and comfort zone. But remember, they should be there to support you and build you up. You should leave your meetings with your mentors feeling encouraged, supported, and motivated about your future.

What's the impact of mentoring?

Mentoring can impact the trajectory of your life. Building your relationship over time will help improve your communication and interpersonal skills. You'll get to learn from the experience of others and gain insights into the next phase of your life as the high school chapter closes.

How to get started

As a high school student, you're at an ideal age and environment to get started. You may already have that one teacher, coach or administrator that you admire. It's likely they're already subject experts in what you're passionate about. Once you identify someone, the next step is just to ask. You can say something like, "I'd love for you to be my mentor so I can learn more about (fill in here). I have some questions about (whatever you want). I'd like to meet (once a month/ week/ at the end of term) to talk about my plans for the future."

Remember, even though a mentor is volunteering their time for you, they'll be getting as much out of it as you will. Mentors often see themselves in their mentees.

Mentoring is not just about advice - it's about empowering you to identify your strengths and give you counsel, support, and strategies to develop the areas you want to grow in.