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Practical Experience Requirements for Legacy CGA Students

Practical Experience Requirements

All students in the legacy CGA Ontario program are required to obtain a minimum of 24 months of verifiable, paid accounting or finance experience at a professional level.

Students with international experience have the option of reporting 24 months of verifiable experience at the professional level from abroad. This experience must be combined with an additional 12 months of experience from Canada at any level.

Students can submit experience that is up to ten years old. Experience earned prior will be considered outdated. At least 12 months of experience must be obtained after a student has registered in the education program of the former CGA Ontario.

 Important: All practical experience requirements must be completed by September 1, 2018. Students who do not complete the legacy CGA Ontario practical experience requirements by this time will transition to the CPA Practical Experience Requirements (CPA PER) and report their experience using the Practical Experience Reporting Tool (PERT).

For details on satisfying the CGA competencies, refer to the PERC FAQs.

Experience Reporting

Legacy CGA Ontario students report their professional experience for assessment using the Professional Experience Required for Certification (PERC) tool.

PERC Resources

Want to know more about the PERC process? Watch the helpful videos below to aide in reporting using PERC.

PERC Video 1:  Review the professional experience required for certification with focus on the PERC reporting tool, PERC minimum requirement, the supervisor/verifier role, response examples and more.

PERC Video 2: Learn about examples to assist you in completing the PERC questionnaire. It will guide you on the length and the appropriateness to successfully complete the questionnaire. It also includes sample responses with focus on what reviewers are looking for when assessing employment file.

Your Career Paths

Take a look at these career path examples. They outline the foundation, intermediate and professional level experience you need to obtain prior to becoming a CGA. These career maps should be used as guidelines as CPA Ontario recognizes that professional experience obtained outside of these guidelines may be eligible to satisfy the professional experience requirement. 

Submission Requirements

Students may build their professional level experience through multiple employment files. 

Within each employment file, students are required to indicate:

  • If they have related professional experience to an indicated subject area
  • Provide a personal experience description describing how the tasks they complete at their employment demonstrate this example
  • Indicate the frequency of each task performed.

For detailed instructions on completing your PERC form, refer to the Student Instructions.  

Students are encouraged to review the Helpful Resources below when completing their PERC form.

Verification of the PERC

Each employment file requires supervisor and professional designated accountant verification. If your supervisor has an acceptable professional accounting designation, they may act as both the supervisor and verifier of your professional experience.  Students whose supervisor does not have an acceptable accounting designation are responsible for finding an accountant with an appropriate designation to verify their professional experience.

The acceptable professional accounting designations for reporting Canadian experience are:

  • CPA-CGA;
  • CPA-CA;
  • CPA-CMA;
  • ACCA UK;
  • CPA Australia;
  • CPA Ireland; and
  • CPA USA. 

In cases where verification by a designated supervisor is unavailable, verification by the tax auditor or external auditor of the student's company/organization will be accepted. International experience can be verified by any designated accountant.

Assessment of the PERC

After the Association receives a student's employment file with appropriate verification, it takes four weeks for the file to be assessed. You will be notified by email once an employment file has been finalized for your PERC profile.

Each finalized employment file will be consolidated into an experience file demonstrating your progress towards the required professional experience competencies. You can track your progress by selecting the "Requirements Assessment" tab in your PERC profile.

When you have completed the required experience necessary to fully satisfy the work experience requirements, you will be informed by CPA Ontario that you have fulfilled the practical experience requirement.


If you have any questions regarding your legacy CGA practical experience, please send us an email.
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