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Introduction to CPA PEP Module

The Introduction to CPA PEP module is for new and transitional students that may be entering the CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP) at a point other than Core 1. It is composed of four modules and the following:

  • Key topics include: competency based learning, structure of the modules, the Competency Map, CPA PEP policies and procedures and DiSC profiles
  • Each module contains a video and links to appropriate reference materials
  • Access to the Certification Resource Centre (CRC) which contains important resources for CPA PEP
  • D2L orientation video
  • Key CPA PEP documents, including the Candidate Guide and Harmonized Education Policies
  • Access to download the exam writing software and the Virtual Professional Library (VPL)
  • Access to CPA Canada’s Learning eBooks. The Learning eBooks, formerly the Oracle, contain reference material for each competency area
  • To learn more, watch the Introduction to CPA PEP video.

Certification Resource Centre (CRC)

The Certification Resource Centre (CRC) is accessed via the Introduction to CPA PEP module. The CRC contains useful resources to complement the educational experience, including:

  • Self-assessment examinations and solutions for Core 1 and Core 2. These assessments will students determine if they have the requisite knowledge for the module or if additional time should be spent updating technical knowledge
  • Key policy documents such as the Harmonized Education Policies (HEP), Competency Map, Candidate Guide, Examination Blueprints, and Examination Reference Schedules
  • Examination regulations, rules, and module examination FAQs
  • Practice cases for each module

Learning eBooks

The Learning eBooks can be used to refresh your technical knowledge at any point in CPA PEP. Learning eBooks are available via the Introduction to CPA PEP module and can be read on any computer, tablet or mobile device. The eBooks cover all 6 technical competency areas as well as the enabling competencies. The eBooks contain multiple choice questions and practice problems and are designed to be read in conjunction with each module. The Candidate Survival Guide for each module, found in the Introduction to CPA PEP, references which eBook chapters are relevant for weekly coursework.