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University of Waterloo Bachelor of Computing and Financial Management Transfer Credit Policy


CGA Ontario Courses 

University Equivalent 

Financial Accounting Fundamentals (FA1) 

AFM 101 

Introduction to Financial Accounting

Micro and Macro Economics (EM1) 

ECON 101
ECON 102

Introduction to Microeconomics
Introduction to Macroeconomics

Business Law (LW1) 

AFM 231

Business Law 

Financial Accounting: Assets (FA2) 

AFM 291

Intermediate Financial Accounting 1 

Business Quantitative Analysis (QU1) 

STAT 231
STAT 373

ECON 221

STAT 202  


Regression and Forecasting Models in Finance

Introductory Statistics and Sampling for Accounting

Statistics for Economists

Management Accounting Fundamentals (MA1) 

AFM 102

Introduction to Managerial Accounting 

Business Communication (CM1) 

Two half-credit courses required. Any two of the following: business communications, effective writing or an English course such as ENG 119.  
Have completed a four year bachelor's degree from this institution.

Financial Accounting: Liabilities and Equities (FA3) 

AFM 391 

Intermediate Financial Accounting 2 

Corporate Finance Fundamentals (FN1) 

AFM 271 or AFM 273 or AFM 272

Managerial Finance 1or Corporate Finance 1

Managing Information Systems (MS1) 

AFM 241

Introduction to Business Information Technology 


Advanced Management Accounting (MA2) 

AFM 382/AFM 482 or AFM 481

Performance Measurement and Organization Control or Cost Management Systems 

Personal and Corporate Taxation (TX1) 

AFM 361 or AFM 362

AFM 461 

Taxation 1 for Accountants

Taxation 2

External Auditing (AU1) 

AFM 451

Audit Strategy

Financial Accounting: Consolidations and Advanced Issues (FA4) 

AFM 491 

Advanced Financial Accounting 


*Advanced Corporate Finance (FN2) 

AFM 371 or AFM 274 or AFM 372

Managerial Finance 2 or Corporate Finance 2

*Advanced External Auditing (AU2)

+Advanced External Auditing (AU2)


AFM 501 and AFM 502

ACC 650 and ACC 621

Contemporary Issues in Assurance and Accounting and Control Systems in a Computer Environment

Contemporary Issues in Assurance and Accounting and Control Systems in a Computer Environment

*Advanced Personal and Corporate Taxation (TX2) 

AFM 461

Taxation 2

*Information Systems Strategy (MS2)

AFM 341

Accounting Information Systems


A grade of “65%” is required in each of the equivalent courses in order to obtain a transfer credit.
*Challenge Examination
+Course equivalents are only offered through the MACC.

For more information, please contact Sati Bandyopadhyay by phone at (519) 888-4567 ext. 32533, or by email at

Transfer credit policies are subject to change without notice.   

Updated as of February 18, 2014.