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Study Resources

alt text hereThe following resources are available under the “Study Resources” section in your course navigation menu within the Online Learning Environment (OLE):

Audio lectures

Review the material from home at your leisure!  Download the files to your hard drive or mp3 player for greater convenience. Audio lectures are available in the foundation level courses.  

Computer Tutorials

The CGA computer tutorials are designed for hands-on study without the presence of an instructor. No computer experience is assumed. Through these tutorials, you can learn the basics of working with Microsoft ® Windows ®, the spreadsheet program Microsoft ® Excel, and the accounting program Sage Accpac ERP.

Course director/peer-to-peer support discussion boards

The forums are set up in the online learning environment to facilitate and enhance student learning.  Participate in online study groups and discussion groups.  Learn about other students’ perceptions on the same topic because they may see something you cannot.  Posing questions and responding to student postings enhances your understanding of the course material.

Online Comprehensive Reviews

Enhance your understanding of the key topical areas of the course.  The Online Comprehensive  Review  will allow you to test your knowledge of the subject matter, and is a great resource in preparing for the final examination.

Multiple-choice practice testing

Self-test application that allows you to test your knowledge of multiple-choice questions by topic, module or by exam.