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Seneca College ACF/ACC/AIT Transfer Credit Policy


CGA Ontario Courses 

College Equivalent 

Financial Accounting Fundamentals (FA1) 

ACC 120
ACC 220 

Accounting 1 or ACC 106 or BRP 191**
Accounting 2 or ACC 200 or OAC 192**

Micro and Macro Economics (EM1) 

ECN 501
ECN 502

Economics - Micro
Economics - Macro

Business Law (LW1) 

ALW 380 or ALW 381

Business Law 

Financial Accounting: Assets (FA2) 

ACC 415

and ACC417

Intermediate Accounting 1 

Accounting 1, Part 1
Accounting 1, Part 2

Business Quantitative Analysis (QU1) 

QNM 222
QNM 444

Business Statistics
Quant Approaches/Decision Making

Management Accounting Fundamentals (MA1) 

ACC 431 or ACC 433
ACC 533

Cost Accounting
Managerial Accounting 

Business Communication (CM1) 

Two half-credit courses required. Any two of the following: business communications, effective writing or an English course such as EAC 150, EAC 349, EAC 394, PRA 120, PRA 330, ENG 106 or ENG 205.  

Financial Accounting: Liabilities and Equities (FA3) 

ACC 517

Intermediate Accounting 2

Corporate Finance Fundamentals (FN1) 

FIN 401
FIN 603

Finance 1
Finance 2

Managing Information Systems (MS1) 

One of: SMS 314/SMS 311/SMS315

SMS 413 or SMS 416

Systems Studies 2 or ACC 310 or ACC 311

Systems Studies 3


*Financial Accounting: Consolidations and Advanced Issues (FA4)

ACC 530 

Advanced Financial Accounting

*Personal and Corporate Tax (TX1)

ACC 540
ACC 642

Personal Taxation
Corporate Taxation

*External Auditing (AU1)

ACC 551

Accounting: Auditing

+Financial Accounting: Consolidations and Advanced Issues (FA4)

AIT 707
AIT 706
AIT 807

Financial Accounting 4

Advanced Financial Accounting 1
Advanced Financial Accounting 2

+Personal and Corporate Tax (TX1)

AIT 805

Taxation 1

+External Auditing (AU1)

AIT 806

Audting 1 & Practice Set

+Advanced Management Accounting (MA2)

AIT 704

Management Accounting


*+Advanced Corporate Finance (FN2)

AIT 812

Advanced Corporate Finance

*+Internal Auditing and Controls (MU1)

AIT 810

Internal Auditing and Controls


Grade Required

Acctg & Fin Diploma / Bus Adm: Acctg & Fin Planning Diploma: B or 70%

AIT Program: C+ or 65%


A minimum grade as stated above is required in each of the equivalent courses in order to obtain a transfer credit or challenge examination.
*Challenge Examination 
+ Offered only in the Accounting and Information Technology Graduate Certificate Program
**Offered in the business office skills program

Please contact Alvin Lee at

Transfer credit policies are subject to change without notice.   

2013/2014 - updated as of January 6, 2014.