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Queen's University Executive MBA Transfer Credit Policy


CGA Ontario Courses 

University Equivalent 

Financial Accounting Fundamentals (FA1) 

MBUS 810 & 811

Micro and Macro Economics (EM1) 

MBUS 881

Business Quantitative Analysis (QU1) 

MBUS 862

Management Accounting Fundamentals (MA1) 

MBUS 812

Business Communication (CM1) 

Two half-credit courses required. Any two of the following: business communications, effective writing or an English course such as C 101 or C 102.  

Corporate Finance Fundamentals (FN1) 

MBUS 821 & 925

Managing Information Systems (MS1) 

MBUS 917


A grade of “65%” is required in each of the equivalent courses in order to obtain a transfer credit.

For more information, please contact John Moore, assistant professor, accounting, by phone at (613) 566-3622.

Transfer credit policies are subject to change without notice.   

Updated as of July 2011.