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Career Map - Not-for-Profit Sector

Career Path to Becoming A CPA
Not-for-Profit Sector

Experience Example Paths

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Foundation/Intermediate Level Experience

  • Bookkeeping

  • Data entry

  • Billing

  • Clerical duties

  • Preparing financial statements, budgets


  • Computer transactions

  • Reporting

  • Bank and GL reconciliations

  • Secretarial duties

  • Preparing and posting journal entries


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Professional Level Experience  

  • Responsible for accounting functions, cash flow, cash management

  • Treasurer duties

  • Reporting

  • Finalizes financial statements and information to senior government agencies and Board of Directors

  • Financial planning and forecasting

  • Manages financial statements and reports

  • Implements computer systems

  • Hires, trains, manages junior staff

  • Manages investments and finances

  • Program planning and analysis

  • Reports to Board of Directors

  • Presents reports to Board of Directors and/or senior management

  • Reviews journal entries prepared by junior staff


  • Senior level accounting duties

  • Manages / supervises staff

  • Cost and billing analysis

  • Systems implementation and enhancements

  • Revenues and expenses to programs and/or funding sources

  • Program analysis

  • Cost-benefit analysis

  • Senior level accounting duties

  • Manages financial statements including inter-company transactions and consolidations

  • Program planning and analysis

  • Hires, trains, manages staff

  • Manages investments; cost-benefit analysis on acquisitions, capital planning, and organization structure

  • Prepares complex reports for government or funding agencies