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Career Map - Banking Sector

Career Path to Becoming A CPA
Banking Sector

Experience Example Paths

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Foundation/Intermediate Level Experience

  • Small loans

  • Customer Service

  • Data entry

  • Preparing financial statements, budgets

  • Computer transactions

  • Reconciliations (Bank, GL)

  • Standard form processing

  • Posting and preparing journal entries 

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Professional Level Experience  

  • Financial planning for small businesses

  • Reviews business plans / financial proposals for small businesses

  • Supervises junior staff

  • Reviews, interprets, and analyzes financial information

  • Handles international financing and large transactions (hundreds of thousands)

  • Manages staff

  • Accounting standards conversion, (i.e. CGAAP to IFRS) 

  • Provides analysis and recommendations to medium to large businesses

  • Reviews and interprets financial information

  • Approves small loans, line of credit, and mortgage

  • Project risk analysis for medium to large organizations

  • Directly works with medium to large businesses and corporate financing

  • Presenting financial to internal and external stakeholders

  • Reviews journal entries prepared by junior staff