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The Professional Experience Requirement

Professional Experience Requirement:

The CGA program of professional studies is an integrated process of academic study, professional certification and professional experience.  Professional experience in an accounting and finance environment, concurrent with academic studies is an essential component in the process of becoming a CGA.  The Professional Experience requirement provides assurance that candidates have demonstrated their competency in the accounting profession.

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The professional experience requirement:

  • Protects the interests of employers and the general public by ensuring that CGAs obtain the required professional training

  • Grounds students formalized education into the workplace, to develop an understanding of the business environment and relate the practice of accounting to other business functions and activities.

  • Allows students to apply accounting knowledge learned to business problems requiring a high degree of professional judgment, problem analysis and problem-solving skills.

  • Develops a student's interpersonal, management and leadership skills.

  • Allows students to develop and demonstrate appropriate professional ethics and values in practical, real-world situations.

Required Experience

Prior to certification, all students must obtain a minimum of 24 months of verifiable accounting or finance experience at a professional level. Students must report 24 months of professional level experience in a paid capacity.

Students with international experience have the option of reporting 24 months of verifiable experience at the professional level from abroad. This experience must be combined with an additional 12 months of experience from Canada at any level. 

Students can submit experience that is up to 10 years old, experience older than 10 years will be considered outdated. At least 12 months of experience needs to be obtained while in the CGA program as a student or finalist.

For details on satisfying these competencies, refer to the PERC FAQs.