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As previously announced, CGA Ontario is unifying with CPA Ontario and the CGA program of professional studies will end in September 2015. Final unification of the profession in Ontario will come with the introduction of a new Chartered Professional Accountants Act, which CPA Ontario will seek from the Government of Ontario as soon as possible. CGAs became members of CPA Ontario in July 2014.

The organizations are now working to integrate operations. Students in the CGA program will continue in the CGA program until September 2015, at which time those with academic requirements remaining will have the opportunity to transfer to the CPA program.

Sign in to your account to re-enrol online. We encourage early enrolment to allow for availability of course offerings and timely delivery of course materials. Your enrolment request is complete only when payment is authorized and you receive your electronic confirmation. Print the page for your records as proof of registration and payment and retain these records for the entire academic year.

Access to course enrolment is prohibited if you have an overdue balance.


You may pay your fees by Visa, MasterCard, debit card, certified cheque, employer’s cheque or money order. Please make certified cheques, employer’s cheques or money orders payable to CGA Ontario and indicate your CGA Ontario identification (ID) number on the back.

Cash, personal and post-dated cheques are not accepted.

Credit card payments are subject to approval by credit card authorization. A declined credit card payment will terminate the processing of your application and you will not be enrolled in the course(s) you selected.


Basic Tuition Fee

All students are required to pay the non-refundable basic tuition fee (BTF) each academic year in addition to course and exam fees in order to maintain their status as current students in the CGA program. The BTF must be paid prior to writing deferred or supplemental exams from the previous academic year.

Students taking university or college courses as transfer credits must pay the annual non-refundable BTF to maintain their student status.


Academic years are divided into four sessions:

Fall Session 1 (F)                   September – December

Winter Session 2 (W)              December – March
Spring Session 3 (S)               March – June
Summer Session 4 (M)           June – September

Maintaining Student Status

You must pay the non-refundable Basic Tuition Fee (BTF) each academic year to be considered a student of the CGA program of professional studies. Failure to submit BTF payment by the deadline, August 26, 2014 will result in a late fee. Late BTF payments are accepted until May 26, 2015.

If you do not enrol for one or more academic years, you will be required to complete a Former Student Application form and pay a non-refundable fee prior to re-entry into the program. We will evaluate your prior academic status and provide you with a status letter, at which point you can complete the application for re-entry.

Your academic status is subject to program changes when you do not register each academic year. Upon re-entry, you must complete your studies under the current program of study and satisfy the professional experience requirement.

Inactive Year

You may choose inactive status if you do not plan to enrol in any CGA courses, exams, degree partner courses or apply for transfer credits in an academic year (September – August). A maximum of two inactive years can be applied towards extending your program time limit. 

Personal Data

Changes to your personal information can be made in your personal profile online. Name changes require proof of legal name change, which can be sent to us by email or mail:

Certified General Accountants of Ontario
240 Eglinton Avenue East
Toronto ON
M4P 1K8

2014-15 Finalists

Finalists who have completed all of their academic courses and satisfied the degree requirement, but have not yet satisfied the professional experience requirement are granted up to three academic years after completion of academics to meet the professional experience requirement. Finalists are required to re-enrol and pay the annual BTF fee each year to maintain their student status.

Refer to for more details, guidelines and FAQs about the Professional Experience Requirement for Certification (PERC).