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Administrative Policies

Program Time Limit

The number of academic years allowed to complete the program is determined upon your initial enrolment and is based on the number of original transfer credits granted. An additional two years is included in your program time limit if you are required to obtain a degree. Your personal program time limit is indicated on your:

  • Confirmation of Enrolment

  • Secure student account on CGA Ontario's website

Note: When students re-enter the program after an absence, they will be advised of their individual time limit, which is based on their previous enrolment history and former time limit. Re-entry students will be subject to any new program requirements, including retaking courses which have become outdated.

It is important that students enrol in the CGA program before August 31, 2015 so that they can bridge to the CPA program and receive recognition for their transfer credits. CGA Ontario will accept program enrolment applications from former students up until August 31, 2015.

Compulsory Withdrawal from the Program

Students are withdrawn from the program for:

  • Non-payment of fees

  • Conduct deemed unethical or unprofessional. Students are required to discharge their duties and responsibilities in accordance with the Code of Ethical Principles and Rules of Conduct and are subject to disciplinary action for any offense which constitutes a breach

  • Failure to comply with other CGA Ontario policies and procedures including but not limited to respectful workplace and student integrity standards

  • Failure to meet professional experience requirement after extended three year period

The manager of admissions and registration may re-admit a withdrawn student after a period of two academic years from the academic year of withdrawal. A re-entering student is subject to a re-evaluation of course credits and professional experience (PERC) previously completed, and must meet program requirements applicable at the time of re-entry. A student is allowed a maximum of two re-entries, either through compulsory or voluntary withdrawal.

Program Sequence Convergence

For questions about Program sequence convergence, please email

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