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Georgian College Business Diploma Transfer Credit Policy


CGA Ontario Courses 

College Equivalent 

Financial Accounting Fundamentals (FA1) 

ACCT 1000 ACCT 1001    

Financial Accounting Principles 1 or
ACCT 1011
Financial Accounting Principles 2 or
ACCT 1012

Micro and Macro Economics (EM1) 

ECON 1000
ECON 2000     

Microeconomics or ECON 1003 
Macroeconomics or ECON 2005

Business Law (LW1) 

LAWS 2000

Business and Contract Law or LAWS 2031 

Financial Accounting: Assets (FA2) 

ACCT 2001 

Intermediate Accounting 1 

Business Quantitative Analysis (QU1) 

STAT 2000


STAT 2000

Statistics 1 and Stat 2001 Statistics 2 and ECON 2001 Quantitative Methods

Statistics 1 and STAT 2007 Data Analysis & Modelling

Management Accounting Fundamentals (MA1) 

ACCT 2003


ACCT 2009

Cost Accounting 1 and ACCT 2000 Cost Accounting 2

Cost Accounting 1 and ACCT 2010 Cost Accounting 2

Business Communication (CM1) 

Two half-credit courses required. Any two of the following: business communications, effective writing or an English course such as COMM 1016, COMM 1017 or COMM 1020.  

Financial Accounting: Liabilities and Equities (FA3) 

ACCT 2002
ACCT 3003

Intermediate Accounting 2
Intermediate Accounting 3

Corporate Finance Fundamentals (FN1) 

FNCE 2000
FNCE 2010

Business Finance

Financial Management and FNCE 2001 Managerial Finance

Managing Information Systems (MS1) 

COMP 1003
ACCT 3004

Microcomputer Applications
Accounting Information Systems


*Personal and Corporate Taxation (TX1)

FNCE 2002
FNCE 3002

Corporate Tax 

*External Auditing (AU1) 

FNCE 3000


+FNCE 3006    


ACCT 3007

Auditing 1 and Auditing 2 FNCE 3003

Auditing 1 and Auditing 2 +FNCE 3007

External Auditing


A grade of “70%” is required in each of the equivalent courses in order to obtain a transfer credit. 

*Note: Please be advised that students cannot combine Ontario Learn courses with courses offered through other programs.

*Challenge Examination 

+Ontario Learn Course 

For more information, please contact  Lianne Smith-Stow, CGA  by phone at (705)728-1968 ext. 5435

Transfer credit policies are subject to change without notice.