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Exam Etiquette and Tips

For a comfortable Examination Experience

Everyone knows how stressful Exam time can be, here are a few tips that students should take into consideration to ensure a comfortable exam writing experience for not only themselves but for their fellow students:

Arrive on Time - Give yourself plenty of time to get to your exam, ensure that you have checked the  Exam Centre Notice online which is posted two weeks before each exam session, this is very important since locations can change from one session to the next, it is your responsibility to know where you are going. It is very distracting to others writing when another student arrives late for avoidable reasons.

Cell Phones - All cell phones, blackberries, pagers etc. are to be turned OFF and put away.

Eating in the exam room - You will be surprised how distracting candy wrappers, sandwich wrappers, and chips can be to your fellow students.

No Nuts - If you must eat during the exam, we ask that you do not bring in items that may contain nuts since there may be a chance that a fellow student or invigilator could have a serious allergy.

Perfume/Cologne - Some students are very sensitive to the certain scents; we ask that you refrain from wearing any type of perfume or cologne in the exam room.

Respecting the Invigilators - The exam invigilators are CGAs who volunteer their time to ensure that you have an exam centre to write at that is relatively close to home. The invigilators do not make the rules of the exam room they simply enforce them. If you have an issue with one of the rules being enforced you should contact CGA ONTARIO exam department during business hours.

Noise in general - Please remember that you are not the only student writing an exam in the room, the constant clicking of pens, the over use of correction tape etc, can be very distracting to fellow students.

Dress Comfortable - Although the very best is done to ensure that the exam room temperature is adequate. It is recommended that you dress in layers in the event that the room is a little cooler or warmer than you were anticipating.

If all students take the time to consider these tips, it might help to make an already stressful situation a little less stressful.

We wish you the best of luck with your examinations.