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EM1 LW1 QU1 PA1 and PA2 Exams

The implementation of 3-hour multiple-choice examinations for Business Law LW1, Micro & Macro Economics EM1, and Business Quantitative Analysis QU1 commenced in 2007-08. These examinations are non-disclosed. 

It is mandatory for all students to complete the Non-Disclosure Agreement prior to commencing the multiple-choice examinations. This form will be attached to the back of your exam question paper. Please fill out the non-disclosure agreement and detach from your question paper for the invigilator to collect.

All written examinations are the property of CGA Canada. Neither the original nor a photocopy of a marked exam will be returned or made available for viewing to the student.

The multiple choice answers will be completed on a scan form which will be provided by the examination invigilator, please read the important instructions below:

Scan Form Instructions for Students

  1. Students must fill in all information as instructed below. Failure may result in a late or missing exam score.

  2. Always use an HB (or #2) pencil for the Scan Form. Do not use a pen because the scanner will not scan your form.

  3. Use a soft eraser to erase any changed answers completely.

  4. Fill the whole bubble neatly.

  5. Mark the boxes and fill the corresponding bubbles from left to right.

  6. Do not staple, pin, fold, tear, or crumple the form.

  7. Do not mark on the Timing Line along the left side of the Scan Form.

  8. Make sure the 7 digit Student Number filled on the Scan Form is correct.

  9. A blank answer on the scan form is an automatic zero for any question, even if the correct solution is circled on the question itself.

  10. Incorrect or multiple answers are also worth zero marks. No negative marks or part marks will be assigned.

  11. Explanations will not be considered.

  12. One booklet for rough work will be provided. This booklet, the scan form, and the examination question paper must be handed in at the end of the examination to the invigilator.  Any solutions written on the examination or in the booklet will Not be marked.

  13. Your scan form is the only document used for marking.


  1. In the Student Number box, clearly print your student number in the boxes and fill in the corresponding bubbles below. Since your student number is less than 10 digits use the left-most boxes.

  2. In the Printed Exam Serial Number box, clearly print the serial number found on the first page of the question paper and fill in the corresponding bubbles.

  3. In the Date box, clearly print the day of examination in the boxes and fill in the corresponding bubbles.

  4. In the Affiliate box, fill one bubble to indicate your affiliate.

  5. In the Examination Centre box, clearly print the examination centre code.

  6. In the Course box, clearly print the course code.

  7. In the response area, choose one answer for each question. No answer or more than one answer will be marked as incorrect.

  8. Insert the Scan Form and Exam Question Paper inside the Booklet for rough work when you submit them to your invigilator. Do not staple or pin the Scan Form with the Exam Answer Booklet.