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Appeals and Regrades

Students may apply for a regrade, critique or  review of their exam online by the deadlines detailed in the chart below. CPA Ontario requires four to six weeks to process each request. To apply for a regrade, critique or review, log in to CPA Ontario's online services and go to Course Marks in the left navigation bar.

CPA Ontario cannot guarantee a receipt of a regrade or critique from CPA Canada prior to the next exam offering. Therefore, students should prepare to write a supplemental exam in the current exam session offering.

 Exam Session 

 Regrade, Critique or Review Deadline


 Friday, August 21, 2015


 Tuesday, November 24, 2015

** Requests made after these deadlines will not be considered.

Exam Regrade

An exam regrade includes an exam mark analysis (breakdown of marks received per question and sub-question) and a re-reading of the exam paper by an independent evaluator. The fee for a regrade is non-refundable. Regrades are not available for PA1 or PA2. 


Exam Critique

An exam critique is a critical analysis by the examiner of the paper. It does not include a regrading but does include a marks summary, a general comment on the paper, and specific comments on the answers given. The exam critique fee is non- refundable. Critiques are not available for EM1, LW1, QU1, PA1 or PA2. 

Exam Review

An exam review is a review of PA1 or PA2 to ensure all forms have been properly completed. No comments or report is provided. The reviewer only confirms that no error was made in the marking of exam paper. The fee is non-refundable.