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Accredited Programs - Brock University BAcc

Your Path to Becoming a CGA
for Industry, Government and Not-for-Profit


Hold a Brock University Bachelor of Accounting* degree


Enrol in the CGA Program of Professional Studies


Complete any two CGA Ontario courses and/or the equivalent Brock University courses
(C+ or higher. Passing a CGA program challenge exam will earn you a transfer credit.)

Brock University Course


CGA Ontario Course

ACTG 4P61 External Auditing 1 and
ACTG 4P62 External Auditing 2


AU2 Advanced External Auditing

ACTG 4P42 Taxation 3


TX2 Advanced Personal and Corporate Tax

FNCE 3P93 Corporate Finance 2


FN2 Advanced Corporate Finance

No equivalent course


MU1 Internal Auditing and Controls

No equivalent course


MS2 Information Systems Strategy

No equivalent course


PF1 Public Sector Financial Management


Issues in Professional Practice (PA1)
Strategic Financial Management (PA2)


Concurrent Work Experience
Obtain the required 24 months of
work experience in the sector of your choice.


Certified General Accountant


*This policy is effective August 2009 and applies to graduates from 2005 onwards.