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Significant Impact - Leader Frames

Still have your certificate rolled up in its tube? CGA Ontario, together with Leader Frames, is offering an ongoing certificate-framing program, allowing CGAs framing opportunities at preferential rates.

Receive two frames, custom-cut to fit CGA Ontario's and CGA Canada's certificates at the following prices:

These prices are all in and include shipping, handling and taxes to any domestic destination. 

Option 1: $132.00 two frames (gold metal, both with a single blue matt board )
Option 2: $395.00 for two frames (Mahogany, double matting )
(Prices include the cost of the frames, packaging, shipping and handling, and applicable taxes.)

The metal frames are made from anodized extruded aluminum, with a eucalyptus backboard and patented swivel clips secured by chrome rivets. The face of the frame is a special, clear, acrylic-this feature inhibits UV rays and helps prevent fading and yellowing of the certificates from fluorescent lighting. A patented 'keyhole clip' system allows instant insertion and removal of pictures or documents while the 'flush-to-the-wall' mounting eliminates the need for wires. The wood frame is mahogany with simultaneously cut corners and a 12-step lacquer finish. 

To view the frames and order directly online, visit Significant Impact - Leader Frames' dedicated CGA Ontario web pages:  

To find out more about Significant Impact-Leader Frames and its products and services outside of their framing line, contact the following representative for a PowerPoint presentation:

Significant Impact - Leader Frames
Mike Regan

Note: Leader Frames will provide frames custom fit to your CGA Ontario or CGA Canada certificates at the pre-established rates, regardless of their size. If you have an earlier version of the certificates (i.e., if your CGA Ontario and CGA Canada certificates are not 17"x15" and 20"x16" in size respectively), simply provide Leader Frames with the dimensions; in turn the company will supply frames custom cut to fit them.