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Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay Chapter encompasses over half of the land mass of Ontario. The chapter stretches from the Manitoba border on the west to Hearst on the east and as far north and south as the Canadian borders allow. For this reason, the population is widely dispersed, although the majority of inhabitants live in the city of Thunder Bay, a principal port and service centre. Similarly, most chapter members also live in Thunder Bay.

Because we are such a large geographical chapter and are far removed from other chapters and events, the primary focus of Thunder Bay Chapter's board of directors is to provide events and information in a cost-effective manner to our CGAs and students.

As well we have begun to hold regional meetings/events for those students and CGAs in clusters outside the City of Thunder Bay.

Shannon Lammers, CGA, is Thunder Bay Chapter Committee chair for 2014-15. If you would like to learn more about the chapter or have any questions or comments, please contact us via email at:

Thunder Bay Chapter Committee
Name Position Telephone

Shannon Lammers, CGA

Chapter Committee Chair


Tessa Larson, CGA

Member Engagement
(Social & Community Events)


Jodi-Ann Case, CGA Government Relations &
Professional Development


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